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Use Yoco to accept card payments on the go or in-store. Let me help you signup and link Yoco to your website for easy online payment processing.

Accept card payments online. With Yoco, you don’t need a card machine to accept card payments safely:

  • Send a link and get paid online – Create a payment link in the Yoco App. Link it on your website or send it to your customers on WhatsApp, social media, email or SMS (click here to see my link as an example).
  • Payment gateway – Set up Yoco’s payment gateway and accept card payments on your online shopping website.

Yoco Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get notified when a payment is made?
Yes, instantly, and you can easily follow up on outstanding payments in the app.

Are there any monthly fees?
Only pay when you get paid. Pay only a small percentage on each transaction. No monthly fees. No contracts. No rent.

How long does it take for the money from a sale to reflect in my account?
A maximum of 2 business days. And you’ll be able to see your sales history in the Yoco app.

What website builders does Yoco Gateway work with?
If your website is built on WordPress, WooCommerce, Wix or Shopstar, you can process payments on it with Yoco Gateway.

Which cards do Yoco card machines accept?
Yoco card machines support Visa, Mastercard and Samsung Google Pay. Unfortunately, you’re not able to process payments for American Express and Diners Club.

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