Professional Photography

Commercial freelancer photographer capturing Accommodation, Property, Portrait & Industrial photography.

Based in Ballito, KwaZulu-Natal, Justin Whittaker is an established photographer offering a fresh new perspective to the world of photography. I take the minimalist approach and strive to help my clients capture the essence of their brand.

Professional photographs are important as people get the feeling for your business. You may have the most descriptive text explaining the area but, without proper photography, you may push potential clients away.

Accommodation & Hospitality Photography

Property & Real Estate Photography

Portrait Photography

Industrial, Engineering & Manufacturing / General Marketing Photography

Photography Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for travel?

  • Travel is free within 20km around Ballito, otherwise AA rates to and from the customer is charged.
  • Travel by car that exceeds a 2 hour round trip will be an additional fee over and above the AA rates for mileage.

Meals, lodging and travel expenses may be charged to the client. If airfare and rental car are required, lowest fares are selected and charged to the client.

Do you work on weekends?
Weekends are a valuable time to relax with friends and family. Unless otherwise arranged, most projects are scheduled during weekdays.

Can I have the RAW images from your camera?
RAW files are typically not provided, unless I am outsourced to only capture the shots and not edit the images.

How and when will I receive my photos?
You should receive an email within 1 week with a link to view your photos online. If you are happy with the images, the photos can be shared to you via online file transfer.

Who owns the copyright to the photos?
The photographer’s rights and interest to the RAW source files are retained by the photographer. Copyright to all final images is transferred to the customer and the customer may use the final images in any way deemed necessary. This includes display on websites, social media and printed marketing materials. Right is reserved by me to use any images for advertising, publishing and promotional purposes.

Can I decide which angles should be shot before the shoot?
Of course. It is a bonus if you can provide some suggested angles or views that you want captured. I will also provide recommendations on the best angles.

Can you help me load the photographs onto my website or create a new website?
Yes! I have been creating websites since 2004 so can assist in updating your existing website or creating a brand new website.